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Sex, Dating, Friendship and all the blurry lines in between…THE BOYS UPSTAIRS invites you into the fabulous living room of Josh, Seth and Ashley.  These three Hell’s Kitchen Boys encounter all of the challenges, thrills, disappointments, tops and bottoms that young adult New York life has to offer.  Seth is falling in love with his older boyfriend while seeking approval from his single best friends.  Ashley feeds on the variety, availability and accessibility of men in Manhattan.  Josh finds inspiration from the antics of his own two besties and his own dating disasters and funnels it into developing a new phone app.  Just when these three settle into a rhythm of celebrating life and then analyzing it the next morning, they are all thrown for a loop when their incredibly hot neighbor moves in below them.  The “is he or isn’t he” question is one of many these city boys ponder with style, scandal and specialty cocktails!

THE BOYS UPSTAIRS premiered in New York in the 2009 Fringe Festival where it played an entirely sold-out run and received critical praise, with the Village Voice calling it “Hilarious! Sex in the City meets Boys in the Band.” It was then invited to be in the Fringe Encore Series where it went on to be the only play to sell out the Soho Playhouse.

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